Thought y’all might enjoy reading the letter I sent to David McNaughton, the yankee (or scalawag) that wrote the confederate heritage piece in the Atlanta Journal anti-constitution


I must take offense at your editorial on Georgia’s proposed confederate heritage month. You are either not aware of certain facts or you have let bias interfere with our journalism. You said "reminding everyone of the desperate lengths to which the South was willing to go to preserve the cruelty and injustice of slavery."

First off, sir I am of Confederate descent, and not one of my ancestors were slaveholders. Secondly If the war was fought over slavery , all the south would have had to do would have been to rejoin the Union and pass the Corwin amendment , endorsed by Lincoln, which stated: No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give to Congress the power to abolish or interfere, within any State, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said State. Now the leaders of the confederacy were all educated men. If the issue at hand was slavery why did they not just ratify this amendment and be done with it? the answer is simple. Slavery wasn’t the issue. The only time that slavery has been made the major issue of the war is in the modern age, where "men" such as Je$$e Jackson attempt to play off the real history of the confederacy so that their liberal, race hustling agenda will be bought into by a more mainstream audience.

Next you said: "the names of the quarter-million or so Southern men and boys who died from wounds or from disease in their vain effort to keep their black brothers and sisters in bondage, not to mention the untold others who went home maimed after the war."

Correct me if I am wrong, but those men would never have been killed, injured or maimed if Lincoln had not sought the complete conquest of the CSA, a nation who asserted its independence after the precedent was set in 1776? The Confederate Nation has just as much right to be a free and sovereign nation as the U.S.A. does, for they were founded on much the same grounds.

"Our children could tour Andersonville, where the Confederacy so starved and weakened Union prisoners that an appalling 13,000 died there"

Then they could learn about how the confederate soldiers were also suffering from the same starvation, as a matter of fact, several times those union POWs got food intended for the confederate soldiers, because they did not want to see them go hungry. But we could tell them about Elmira, or Point Lookout where the Union Army starved confederate POWs and left them to die, even though they had the means(if not the willingness) to feed them.

"Our children could ask why the terrible suffering occurred"

Because of the actions of a greedy and power-hungry dictator, Abraham Lincoln.

"Thanks to Mullis, we could answer that it was because one group of people wanted to keep another brutalized and subservient"

Yes, and the group that wanted subservience from the other got their way, that’s why the south is suffering under the yoke of Yankee occupation to this very day

"Thanks to Mullis, it’s possible that part of history will never be forgotten" and hopefully it never will be forgotten

"Of course, no proper observation of the Confederate heritage would be complete without an re-enactment of some sort. We surely don’t want to re-enact the whipping of a slave or the forced breakup of a black family or the sexual exploitation of black women by their masters. That might stir up demands for an official apology from the state of Georgia, and some legislators have already made it clear that no such apology will be forthcoming, that’s it’s time to look forward, not backward" and the race baiters wouldn’t want that re-enactment either, if it showed one of the thousands of BLACK slave-owners doing the whipping, or the exploiting

"Instead, maybe we should re-enact the April 9, 1865, surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee to Gen. U.S. Grant at Appomattox Court House. Because apparently some people still need to be reminded that the war is over, and that the South lost, and that the South’s defeat was one of the best things that ever happened to this country."

while we’re at it lets re-enact Sherman torching Atlanta to the ground, or the Roswell workers being dragged up north to work in sweat shops, or how any number of union atrocities that have conveniently been "forgotten" in today’s P.C. world . Actually we cant use Sherman, or Grant lest someone actually remember that they were slave-owners themselves; and god forbid someone remember that Grant stated in a letter home that "The sole object of this war is to restore the union. Should I become convinced it has any other object, or that the Government designs using its soldiers to execute the wishes of the Abolitionists, I pledge you my honor as a man and a soldier I would resign my commission and carry my sword to the other side".

In closing sir, if you should wish to print lies such as these, you ought to do it in a yankee newspaper, because some of us here are actually quite proud of our TRUE confederate heritage. By the way it was attitudes such as yours that got the true Georgia flag removed, haven’t you done enough damage to our heritage?

Deo Vindici, sir.

William Lee,
formerly of Catoosa Co. Ga,. Occupied (till the yankees got the flag down,
now of Tennessee (occupied)