As a blue collar person, let us encourage our boys and ladies write to Ford as I and others have here. Ford truck sells itself as a blue collar truck. Let us not allow our writing abilities to get in the way here. Let’s let them know how you feel. Even if you’re a Chevy fan.

To Ford Motor Company,

Hello, I have proudly bought Ford trucks since I was 17 years of age and am now 44. I made an exception last time when a I bought a Dodge. Both are American made. I told my wife I was ready to go back to Ford but that I wished to check out the new Toyoda’s first and listed my reasons. This past week I found one more cause to not support Ford when you sponsored the History Channel’s “Sherman’s March”.

While the program stated it was based on historical record, it definitely picked and choose what historical record it depicted. This program was so pro-Sherman biased that I literally felt sick to my stomach as I watched. My life time hobby is history. While I don’t go out of my way to bash Sherman, his destruction of civilian means of survival (including the slaves) and purposeful lack of control or his troops was equate to our most infamous figures in history. Just because he served the United States is no cause to canonize him. Saint Sherman our American hero that helped us reunite? Please….

I could write all day on this but just to keep it short I must know if your going to sponsor this program again and if your going to express your discuss with the History Channel’s selective depiction of “Sherman’s March”.

I must know before I buy please.

Mark Lamb
West Palm Beach, Fl