If you live in Virginia and would like to ensure that Ron Paul is on the ballot, please contact me via e-mail to get a petition. We are just a couple thousand signatures short of getting Ron Paul on the ballot in Virginia.

If you think you could even get just five signatures on a petition that would help. People do not have to registered voters to sign the petition; they just have to be Virginia residents.

We have about three weeks to go before the petition submission deadline. So there’s still enough time for individuals to collect five or ten signatures and send the petitions back to me. Again, please contact me via e-mail to get a petition, and I’ll give you all the details. It’s really not hard at all.

As most in this group already know, Ron Paul is the ONLY friend of Southern heritage in the race. He’s also the only strict constitutionalist in the race.


Mike Griffith
Civil War website