For those who care, it is high time we joined the fray, fighting to win.
by Frank Conner

My name is Frank Conner. This means of course that my father’s family name is Conner. My mother’s family name is Malone. Those familiar with Irish names will know whence came my parents. In addition, I have Welsh blood (Ayres). But like most Southerners of Irish extraction today, I also have some English blood mixed in–most notably, Callaway and Irvin.

However, when I joined the SCV and the LoS, I did not join those groups in order to belong to additional Celtic fraternal-organizations. I joined them because they were the only legitimate organizations which had a vested interest in preserving our Confederate heritage–the beliefs, values, culture, and way of life of the traditional South–from destruction in the culture war that is being waged against it by the Northern and Scalawag liberals.

This culture war is a war of words–of propaganda in all of the history books, newspapers, TV-news shows, motion pictures, and TV entertainment-programming; of direct attacks against us and our heritage by the black-activist organizations (the NAACP, etc.); and of resulting laws and rulings and decisions against our heritage by legislatures, judges, and local governments. The black-civil-rights movement of the 1950s/60s which largely destroyed the Old South was an extremely-important campaign in this culture war. Ostensibly the goal of the black-civil-rights movement was to strengthen black civil-rights, but if you study the way that campaign was run (largely by the liberal whites), and its outcome, you see that its real goal was to destroy the traditional Southern conservatism and replace it with Northern liberalism in the South.

The liberals are in the process of systematically destroying everything that the Southerners value, in order to replace it with unlimited consumerism and sexual license and spectator sports as our incentives to embrace a socialist government run under the religion of secular humanism. And their culture war is succeeding brilliantly at destroying us as a people, because we Southerners of today are not defending against it.

In 1861 our Southern forebears were faced with exactly the same kind of situation, except that their war was being waged with bullets and shells instead of propaganda and laws and legal decisions and administrative rulings. But instead of explaining to one another about how they would have to just sit around and complain about what was being done to them instead of doing anything useful to stop it, because they were Celts who could not cooperate with one another and instead had to fight each other all the time, our Southern forebears valued their beliefs and values enough to organize themselves into an army and a navy to defend those beliefs and values purposefully.

I joined the SCV and the LoS in the mid-1990s in the hope that they too valued what we still had left–the beliefs and values of the traditional South–highly enough to organize themselves and learn how to fight back effectively (and lawfully, of course) against our enemies in this culture war, this war of words. But alas. The SCV was completely controlled by a small handful of leaders who insisted upon running the SCV as one half of the Civil War Roundtable, and who refused to permit the SCV to join in the culture war in any meaningful way–much less learn how to fight back effectively and learn how to organize to do so, and then go all-out to win it. The LoS had its heart in the right place, but it didn’t have a plan (a strategy) for organizing effectively and learning how to fight back to win.

And so matters rested until last year. At that time the Old Guard who ran the SCV overreached themselves so badly in trying to squash their new commander-in-chief that they infuriated the SCV membership, who voted to amend their constitution to take the power away from the Old Guard. Now it is all up to the SCV members. They can decide to organize themselves to fight back effectively in the culture war, the way our Confederate forebears did, or they can slip back into the old ways and continue to pretend that the culture war is not destroying the South before their very eyes. If they decide to organize and learn how to fight back, they will need a strategy to do so. My book, "The South Under Siege 1830 – 2000," which was the reason for this thread, proposes one workable strategy for organizing and fighting back to win.

The LoS also also seems to be currently reexamining its basic purpose, goals, and strategy. It has a lot of good people in it, and I believe it can also be of great value to the South if it decides to fight in the culture war to win it.

For those among us who have learned their history of the South for the past 200 years from the liberal historians’ textbooks and from the liberal news-media and from the liberal entertainment-media, and who don’t have a clue as to what the beliefs and values of the traditional South really were and are, then what I have had to say here and in previous posts and in my book will be of no interest to you. You will no doubt consider my words to be unduly harsh and critical and biased–aimed at spoiling your fun in belonging to a jolly feel-good fraternal group. You will likely continue to sit around and write useless letters-to-the-editor while your quality of life is systematically destroyed around you, and your proud bloodline is turned into in an outcast pariah-group, and every institution in the South and the nation is turned against you, and your children will be third-class citizens who will find it increasingly hard to earn a living in a society that despises them. That is where all the trends are clearly leading in this culture war to destroy our Confederate heritage and ourselves as a people, which our liberal enemies (Northern and Southern) are clearly winning.

For those who care, it is high time we joined the fray, fighting to win.

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