For those who are unaware


Waite Rawls, director of the Museum of the Confederacy, has really done it this time. He and his minions never cease to amaze me.

What a slap in the face to MOC members…. I am torn between quitting my membership vs. staying on to be a pain in his a**. I wonder how many Southern families have donated items on display in the MOC? I wonder what the museum officials would do if they were inundated with calls demanding the return of those items?

The mind truly boggles – opening up an MOC branch to NAACP meetings…kind of like the Chief Rabbi of Prague inviting the Gestapo to hold their meetings in his synagogue…

And as far as "telling the whole story" goes, I am left wondering exactly what that means, but my guess is that it isn’t good. Something tells me that the NAACP isn’t going to appreciate hearing about blacks who supported the Confederacy…. How could they, given their 1991 resolution, their campaign of cultural extinction, and their "my way or the highway" approach to every item on their plate.

This is truly unbelievable. I have lost track of how many times in the last 8 years of membership that I have seriously contemplated walking away from this…. I kid you not… And it’s usually for the same type of reason – Museum officials climbing in bed with our enemies.