I drafted a nice letter to the gentleman and drove over to his house to deliver the letter.  He wasn’t home, so I left the letter.  I enclosed info on joining the SCV too.  I can’t imagine what folks are complaining about, as he had the CSA battle flag hanging below a U.S. Flag.  They are both suspended from a very high (can’t figure out how he got it up there) limb that hangs over his yard.  At the bottom of both flags is a large weight that keep the halyard taut and allows both flags to fly freely.  I’m kind of a stickler for "flag etiquette" and would never display the flag of another country without displaying the U.S. Flag along with it and in the proper position.  Below is the text of the letter that I wrote the man. Hopefully, I’ll hear something from him.
Bill Hayes

Dear Sir:
First of all, on behalf of all the members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans we would like to welcome you to the Louisville area if you are moving here from another city.  We deeply regret that some of your neighbors seem to be upset by your traditional display of the Confederate Battle Flag.  We are always concerned when we see people who only think of the battle flag as a symbol of hate or racism.  The Sons of Confederate Veterans stand ready to assist any citizens who experience a prejudicial encounter because of their Southern heritage and the right to express that heritage in any form that is protected by the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
One of the major goals of our organization is to educate the public as to the causes of the secession of the Southern States and the resultant conflict known as the War Between the States, or as it is commonly misnamed, the Civil War.
If we can be of any assistance to you in this matter please contact us.  If you are a descendent of a Confederate soldier we would welcome you to join our local chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  I have enclosed a brochure with membership information.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  Please visit our camp website at:
William M. Hayes
Commander, John Hunt Morgan Camp 1342
Sons of Confederate Veterans