Folks need educating on Confederate flag

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In the October 21 issue of the Times-Virginian there was a letter by Mike Scott about the Confederate Battle Flag being removed by request by a town representative prior to performing their music. What was the reason for the request? The people have a right to know! All the people, both North and South! The purpose for the Battle Flag was a blessing to both North and South according to my knowledge of the reason the battle flag was created. It was not slavery. It was not for motorcycle clubs. It was not for the KKK. When you see the Confederate Battle Flag think of the soldiers that made it back to their lines without capture, both North and South! When I see a Confederate Battle Flag on the back of a motorcycle driver, that is what I think of and rejoice what a brilliant idea it was to create that flag! The North had the same problem as the South but was outperformed by the South to fix it! That should be celebrated not smothered.

Now for the reason of the Confederate Battle Flag consider that ammunition of yesteryear gave off a cloud of white smoke both in small arms and cannon fire. Imagine a field of Battle in which were numerous, that no wind was blowing. None. The field then became like an ultra dense fog. Now, both wounded North and South Soldiers don’t know where they are and start trying to crawl back to their lines, through the white smoke. They see a glimpse of red white and blue and they crawl to it. Here is where the problem began. Both North and South had flags of red white and blue. The South realizing this, created the battle flag to be shown on the battlefields. Now union soldiers made it back to their own lines as did confederate soldiers. Actually, I believe the battle flag was a creation of genius! Should be honored as such. Not the question again, why was the battle flag requested to be removed? I do believe that wherever the battle flag is to be displayed its reason that it is displayed should be told to the audience prior to the program start. The purpose being, to inform the people apparently now lost in education.

Walter Heydt
Bedford, Virginia