Foiled again


I just went to post a reply to this wimpery —

Is the NAACP Boycott Against South Carolina Failing?

……………and got a failure message. Maybe I wrote too much, but no limit is showing.

Here’s what I wrote. If anybody would like to post it in their own right, PLEASE DO. — minus the <<< and >>> marks. It’s basically in response to Tate’s post beginning "You are exactly right. That flag is down from atop the Capitol."


Oh, but it IS about people taking a mile, BabyTate. That’s what it’s about. And any state who fails to understand the true dynamics behind this farcical chapter in Southern history will lose the rest of what it’s got — above all, representative government (the real target of the NAACP’s strategic hate).

NAACP hate –- do I shock or offend? But what could be more shocking than a race-based pressure group in the state house in our supposedly colorblind society, i.e. the Legislative Black Caucus, which also played a banal role?

What’s wrong with this picture? It’s totally warped, as if on on an LSD trip from hell, that’s all.

I’m afraid some of you completely misapprehend the issues and the situation. Bottom line: most South Carolinians wanted the flag right where it was, and still do. Case closed — hello — what do they elect Senators and "representatives" for in the first place?

I thought that political candidates did town meetings and canvassing to find out what the people wanted from them. Where do they get off simply throwing the people over for a radical-fringe pressure group on its last legs and the yankee-owned liberal media?

On the basis of vague but incessant claims that "some" or "many" find the flag offensive, THE POLITICIANS bowed to media and NAACP hatemongering — yes, HATEMONGERING — and did the politically correct thing. The CITIZENS were cut almost completely out of the equation. The pols took input for 6 or 7 inane years from the NAACP, the media, the NAACP, the corporations, the bigger politicians in DC, the NAACP, the Chamber of Commerce and the NAACP, but basically stiffed the people at large.

When politicians stiff the will of the people and shoot for a "progressive" (i.e. socialist) legacy, the only voice the people have is street action and polls, both of which left no doubt what the majority of their constituents wanted: to "KEEP IT FLYING" atop the dome, right where it was placed BY LAW decades before. One huge rent-a-mob scene on Martin Luther King day (the numbers undoubtedly exaggerated) can’t cancel out the message of the numerous pro-flag rallies held around the state, pro-flag lobbying in the Blatt and Gressette buildings, and the POLLS POLLS POLLS held at the time by a huge number of top pollsters and media outlets.

The people wanted the flag where it was. There’s no such thing as a good excuse to deny it to them. Every decision is going to offend somebody — pleasing everybody is a fool’serrand. Everybody knows that, even the two-faced politicians as they trot it out again and again as cover for their depredations.

Why can’t the people have what they want from their politicians? It’s that simple. In this case the pols not only infuriated the voters at large with a sellout on the flag, but (as you indicate) stuck a million-dollar hate-whitey monument in their face. You’re wringing your hands over the conflict which resulted, but I assure you liberal shysters like Sens. McConnell and Ravenel are laughing at you.

Heritage Celebration 2000 was attended by 9.000 people all of whom, unlike "MANY" in the NAACP rabble, had real lives to lead and families to feed on the strength of hard-earned paychecks. Beyond all this was the 50,000 pro-flag petition signatures formally presented to the legislature by the Council of Conservative Citizens. The vast majority of polls at the time showed that people in this state and across the country (if not the world) preferred the status quo. That’s because in spite of the prevalence of the Gospel according to St. Marx today, people really don’t want to see history trashed, special interests take over, or America become the next South Africa. And that is exactly where NAACPocracy is taking us.

The NAACP has no place in a free, orderly society with any self-respect. The NAACP hates freedom, history, and the democratic process, and frankly any politician pandering to it is guilty of treason.

The South has two two choices: call the NAACP what it is and slam the door in its face, or say goodby to ALL public Confederate monuments, museums, street names, town names, and events. Feeding wild animals is not the best way to get rid of them. There is no middle ground. Clearly, the media, Jesse Jerkson, the Chambers of Communism and other entities militating for black supremacism need a one-way ticket to Antarctica too.