I agree with Billy Price and the link below regarding the flying of large Confederate Battle Flags.

The cost of erecting and maintaining a large Battle flag how- ever is cost prohibited to most folks and groups. The cost of a 3’X5′ on a 25 ft. PVC pole is about $30.00 and could be covered by almost anyone. Now ask yourself this question. Which would have the greater impact, one large Battle Flag or 50 or more smaller Battle Flags saturating a given area. If y’all think the lame media goes crazy when one large Battle flag goes up, what do you think they will do when 50 or more Battle Flags appear in a given area. The naacp has already stated they will do all possible to prevent such action.
If each Division or group would set up a account that could be funded through Pay-Pal, as the VA Flaggers have done, we all could be on the way toward success. What are WE waiting for?
A Grandson of "THE OLD REBEL"–FRED C. WILHITE~~Forrest’s-Orphans Camp~1744