Flying Confederate Flag Ends In Suspension For DeWitt Junior

By Nick Perreault

The confederate flag brings out all kinds of emotions and one student in DeWiitt was suspended from school for flying it on his truck after he was told to take it down.

But as our Nick Perreault explains, some students and parents think the school may have gone too far.

Wednesday, Connor McKinnon spent the day at home instead of at school.


"I pulled into the parking lot, like a regular day," said DeWitt Junior Connor McKinnon.

Ten minutes into school Tuesday, DeWitt junior Connor Mckinnon found himself in the principals office for bringing a 6×6 confederate flag with him to school.

"They asked me to take it down because their have been lots of complaints, so I just walked out to my truck and took it down," McKinnon said.

But on the way out of the school lot, McKinnon couldn’t leave well enough alone, he put it back up, officials noticed and suspended him for the next day.

"I see what they are trying to do with it and maintain at the school," said DeWitt Senior Victoria Marinas.

Senior Victoria Marinas says with six days left for most seniors, it could be a way of warning students to avoid senior pranks.

"They suspend him for a day fair? I suppose if he put it up deliberately after they told him not to," said DeWitt Senior Carolyn Metevier.

But for one parent, suspension is a little too far.

"That surprises me, it is just a flag," one parent said.

McKinnon’s mother says it’s unfortunate her son is being used as an example of what not to do.

"There’s kids that drink and do drugs and all kinds of stuff, he flew a flag."

"If you got it to fly it, fly it," McKinnon said.

But flying It comes at a cost and it’s a lesson McKinnon now says he’s learned firsthand.

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