Fly the flag


Dear editor,

Sam Shadden’s recent letter to the editor spotlights the need to fly the Confederate battle flag. He exhibits a thorough command of government school historical spin on the War. What disturbs is his apparent fear and contempt for anyone suggesting the possibility that the spin may not be correct.

Truth, however, should be our aim; not conformity to the officially-mandated story. Hearty thanks to the SCV and others, such as WAAK 94.7, for their efforts towards this end.

The flag represents an important struggle between two forces in this world; a struggle that continues. That’s why it was flown on the Berlin Wall the night it was torn down. It signals a bane to governmental and cultural tyrants the world over.

I hope Mr. Shadden and others of like opinion will relinquish their hostility to historical truth so that they are able to listen to an opinion that may be uncomfortable for them. There are too many pesky facts (such as 80,000 black soldiers fighting for the Confederacy, many of them free) to justify our swallowing the officially-accepted version hook, line and sinker.

If all we know is what a government-school history class taught us, we are frighteningly ignorant. Duty demands we pursue truth and defend it. Fly the flag.

Matthew A. Bryan, Sr.


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