Let’s Proudly Fly OUR CSA Flags!

From: carriet@verizon.net

I encourage ALL Confederates to do as I have done in proudly flying the two Confederate flags (CSA National Flag and Battle Flag) out in front of their homes permanently. Every single flag makes a statement and every flag represents our beloved South. Do it today. I fly the 3′ x 5′ flags on a tall PVC pole right out in my front yard. Flags are available in many of the listings on the SHNV newsletters and at www.RebelStore.com

Let’s see how many streets and roads we can get throughout the South to look like Dixie again, as it should be.

PS- If you want to fly both flags on the same pole (which I do not recommend, but it can be done) you fly the CSA National Flag on top with the Battle Flag right under it. IF flown side by side the CSA national flag flies on the left side and the Battle Flag on the Right: National Flag > Battle Flag.

Let’s get our Dixie looking like Dixie again!

Carrie Taranova