Fly it BIGGER!


Dear Folks,

Most USA flags flown at homes are 3′ x 5′. I would love to see us fly our Confederate Flags BIGGER and HIGHER. Treat the flag with Scotch Gard or some other similar product and it will lengthen the outdoor flying-life of the flags.

One of my Yankee neighbors told me she was having a problem selling her house. She said that the real estate agent said that when she brought people to our neighborhood to see her house said that they did not want to see her home because of "that flag" and that they did "not want to live in ‘such’ a neighborhood." My home sits on the main corner near the main entrance to this "high-end" neighborhood. Many northerners live in this North Carolina neighborhood.

Then she asked me to take it down. I thanked her for "sharing" that with me and said that I would not take it down. She said, "But, you seem to be such a nice person and I need the help for just a couple of weeks to sell my house." I responded, "This is really great. My flag may keep an anti-Southern northern bigoted family from living so close to me."

Well, the next morning I did take down my 3′ x 5′ Confederate Naval Jack and replaced it with a 4′ x 6′ Confederate Naval Jack. I had recently replaced my flag pole with one of Ruffin’s 20′ poles and it could handle the larger flags just fine.

About 6 months later one of my neighbors who lived two houses down the road on the other side of my home had her sister and her sister’s husband visiting them from New York. The visiting sister and her husband approached me while I was weeding my front flowerbed near my flag. She (not her effeminate husband) asked me if I knew I "was flying a racist symbol."

I asked her, "Did you learn this from your momma or was it taught to you in your New York schools?" I then explained the origin and nature of Yankee Nativism in New England which was violently anti-Roman Catholic, anti-Jewish and anti-all non-whites and how their Jim Crow racist segregationist laws were forced on the South during the U.S. occupation and rule over the Southern States following the Yankee genocidal War to Prevent Southern Independence.

Then she said, "I guess you are saying that we are THE racists?" I said, "I do not know if you are a racist but you are clearly prejudiced against Southerners and believe things about the South that are not true. Then she said, "I guess you are not going to take down that flag then?"

I said, "No." Then in a huff they walked back to her sister’s home.

Well, the next day I did take down my perfectly good 4′ x 6′ flag and replaced it with the current 5′ x 8′ Confederate Naval Jack. None of my Yankee neighbors have said anything about my flag since.

Fly it BIGGER!

Tim D. Manning
Executive Director
The North Carolina Heritage Foundation
160 Longbridge Drive
Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
(336) 420-5355