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From: yangguizigary@gmail.com
Dear Charles
Here are my comments for SHNV, which I posted at the Floyd Reports, mentioned by Doug in New Zealand, who wrote a comment about them for your newsletter: I guess I am just not a "Linckum Lover."

In fact, Lincoln supported the Corwin amendment that would have extended slavery into the 1900s. He also colonized Belize with former slaves and I have heard, Liberia.  The history of Lincoln is unbalanced due to his assassination, which made him a martyr for the Northern “cause.”
I have read about his homosexual affairs and found the reports to be credible. So why does Obama say he is “walking in the spirit of Lincoln” unless that spirit is continuation of the Patriot act and further despotism.


Floyd Reports interview comments
From: zonegray@netspeed.net.nz
To Chuck and all subscribers
Recently I believed that some comments I had written on a Floyd Reports.com interview were being held from being posted. My fears were unfounded. My comments (and others) only took a mere 6 days to be moderated then posted. Down in New Zealand where I live computers tend to make things happen a bit faster. Sorry about the "wild-goose" chase everyone.
For anyone interested in the interview that I am referring to here is the direct link. http://floydreports.com/?p=37 If you can’t click on the link just type it in. It is far easier if it is done that way.
In the interview The Reverend Perryman  has no hesitation in defending  Honest Abe Lincoln. Of course we certainly have numerous reasons NOT to defend him. I posted my own version of Lincoln on the comments at the bottom of the page. My comments have only just been published on this site today. You will note that I made two separate entries. The first was made nearly a week ago 6 days to be exact. Because it has taken so
long for the comments to be shown I was thinking the worst. It would seem that they are not anti-Southern, just simply slow. I wonder whether they actually use a computer at this establishment or just pen and paper.
Doug Gray