Florida UDC!
From: wileswales@gmail.com
To: vaproto@optonline.net
I am a Flagger from Florida, and receive Susan’s email when they come up, and I digest them like chocolate. I agree with you %100.
The UDC began this in the first place on the day of the MOC dedication and Appotamax! They have joined in being "political" being a "non-political." Then  all the threats of calling the authorities! 
Then  all the threats of calling the authorities to the point where the RPD must think they and the VMFM must be a joke, as even the VMFM has had to hire non-bonded guards at the door with the latest being that one could not put their little Confederate Battle hand Flag on the bushes, or whatever while they use the facilities, or be apprehended.
I could go on all day about this, but I’ll spare you! LOL! I just wanted to thank you for putting this in. Now I have the pleasure of reading the next one. Yours is succinct, and piercingly right to the point, hands down!
Thank you, WilesWales
SCV Camp #1463, Lake City Florida
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