Florida Governor
From: BTison2005@aol.com

This is for anyone in Florida.  My name is Billy Tison.  I want to be governor of Florida for one term.  My first act will be to secede from the US as we know it now.  Under me, income tax will be abolished and a 15% sales tax will be implemented to supplement what would be lost from income tax.  Before anyone has a cow, 15% is way less than what you pay into the IRS, so the extra money will be spent on items that are needed like food and gas.  Also, the extra will allow people with mortgages pay them off.  Illegal immigration will be handled by fining known businesses 10% of their annual income per month until they get their workers properly documented.  Crime will be dealt with as harsh as humanly possible.  Death row inmates will be allowed only three appeals, with the first one being immediately after the trial.  Other’s from the former US will be allowed to visit our state and will even be allowed to become citizens, if they so choose.  I have more plans, but too many to place here.  I am doing this in an attempt to save our wonderful state from a certain demise being part of the US.  I would prefer someone else step up, who is more eloquent in speech than I am, but no one seems to want the job.  I am not scared of what may happen to me because of this, as you can tell by my quote from Stonewall Jackson below.  I am more scared for everyone else in this nation.
Billy Tison