Saturday, September 21, 2013

So There’s a Flogger Mini-Convention…

…at Kevin Levin’s flog. He posted a picture of the Virginia Flaggers on the steps of the capitol, which he, great learned high school teacher spelled capital, and started what floggers do best — derision and ridicule.

BTW, for any other high school teachers or college perfessers who may be confused…

Capital = Richmond
Capitol = Statehouse

So the sour grapers are claiming the Flaggers’ I-95 flag is not historically accurate. The stars aren’t evenly spaced — there’s too much space between the center star and the ones adjacent to it, and too much space between the stars and the corners of the flag.

I posted links to the historic flags below that clearly show extra space between the center star and the adjacent ones, or space between the stars and the corners of the flag, thus proving that the Flaggers’ flag is indeed historically accurate. I accompanied the links with this comment: "Somebody needs to go back in time and tell these soldiers their flags are not historically accurate…."

What did Levin say in his own defense?

Interesting examples, but most of them appear to be poorly constructed and loosely based on what appear to be uniform parameters for most other ANV battle flags.

That may or may not be true, but it isn’t the point, it is? The point was the floggers and floggerettes claimed the unevenly placed stars made the I-95 flag historically inaccurate.

That is not true. See for yourself:

Besides, if what they’re interested in is HISTORY, and if this is just HERITAGE as they claim, why are they soooo obsessed with it?

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