Float in Parade Sparks Outrage…
From: kcomri@tds.net
Dear Chuck:
Well political correctness is alive and well in North Carolina after a parade that had some entrants displaying the Confederate battle flag.
It didn’t take long for the reporters to find the usual suspects, completely void of any knowledge of the flags to say their feelings are hurt and those racist folks should never get to be in a parade again.
It is ok that we should sit silently by while the slow motion train wreck of America (which started in 1865) completes its destruction of the land we love, but God forbid we cling to our battle flags, or worse yet our guns and religion.
This is what 50 years of public education has brought us to. When Eisenhower was President, there was respect for the battle flags and he had a law passed which allowed Confederate soldiers to have the same honor or color guards at veteran memorials as the other branches of the services. When was the last time a Confederate honor guard was allowed at a public veterans memorial? Fast forward to day “connecting the dots in between” and we see the result of the dumbing down of America and continued eradication of all things Confederate.
Never be ashamed to say you are Confederate, never allow the low information people to define you!
Deo Vindice!
Kevin Carroll