True Meaning Of The Confederate Flag


The Confederate flag represents Limited Constitutional Federal Government, States Rights, Resistance to Tyranny, and Christian Values and Principles. Thus it represents the same principles as the Betsy Ross U.S. flag–the principles America was founded upon. As America experiments with Globalism, Socialism, and Secular Humanism it is important for patriotic American’s to fly the Confederate flag as a reminder of these basic principles. America has 2 choices–1.Reclaim our heritage or 2.we will eventually surrender our Constitution and Sovereignty to the New World Order–a Godless Socialist United Nations. Many black Americans have been indoctrinated by Northern Liberal Marxist Socialists to view the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism and bigotry. They are being used and manipulated for political purposes to assist in the conversion of America to socialism and secular humanism. The infamous Communist Karl Marx said "A people separated from their heritage are easily persuaded". This is the real reason they want to destroy and ban Confederate heritage and symbols which are 180 degrees diametrically opposed to Socialism and Secular Humanism. The Communist Lenin coined the term "useful idiots". Many white liberals fit this category as well as Southern politicians who are helping destroy Confederate principles, heritage, and symbols. White Southern Christians who fly the Confederate flag are not the enemy of responsible black Americans who are working to better themselves. It is true that KKK and other groups have misused, misrepresented, and abused the Confederate flag but this should not invalidate the true meaning of this honorable flag in the minds of educated knowledgeable Americans.

James W. King
Commander SCV Camp 141
Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson
Albany, Georgia

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