Brice’s Crossroads Flags Stolen And Rope Cut
Dear Conservatives & Southern Patriots,
Just wanted to let everyone know that the Confederate flags at Brice’s Crossroads Confederate Cemetary near Baldwyn, Mississippi have been stolen and the rope has been cut off the pole. This heritage violation was done at night by a bunch of liberal scum who hate the very existence of our Southern heritage and culture. Their actions should be reason enough to put them in prison for the rest of their lives and this should be classified as a federal hate crime against all Southern people. Please forward this email to your list and to all Southern patriots across the South. This action shouldn’t go unnoticed and should be a reminder to everyone that this isn’t a game. We are fighting a war for the very existence of our Southern way of life. New flags will be donated from my business Pace Confederate Depot "The Leader In Confederate Flag Merchandise" and the rope will be donated by Robin Godwin from Booneville, Mississippi. Please offer to help out in any way possible to get new flags put up in honor of our Confederate heroes. Thanks for your help in advance and may God Save The South! Southern Heritage Not Hate!
For The Cause,
Brian Pace
Pace Confederate Depot
P.O. Box 1479
Booneville, MS 38829