Confederate flags should have stayed

To the Editor:

I am very upset over the Confederate flag removal.

I agree 100 percent with Bruce Gillam Sr., and certainly not with the editorials that have been in your paper.

I can’t understand how two people can make a fuss and get it taken down. I am sure most of the people don’t agree with taking it down (but don’t voice their opinion). I always thought majority ruled.

I liked the quote about Mount Rushmore: "George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both owned slaves — Do they hide Mountt Rushmore? Isn’t it true we should not forget our mistakes least we repeat them?"

Mr. Gillam deserves our respect and admiration. I am sure most all of us had family years ago on both sides. They aren’t worried about it — it’s part of history and this should go all the way to the Senate and House.

Just like gun laws — if you don’t agree, then don’t buy one. But that’s a whole other topic

Alice Willman
Wessington Springs