Flagging began at precisely 10:45 on Mill Street . Five Tennessee Flaggers upheld the Cause to the honking of horns and waving from practically every vehicle which passed. Many stopped to inquire about our activity and to accept our flier and CD. One elderly lady, who said she had $2, gladly gave us one of them as a donation. By 2:45 we had given out 30 CD’s w/Tennessee Flagger fliers and $3 more in donations. The conversations with those who stopped were hurried due to traffic, but the consensus was they were pleased to see us taking a stand and encouraged us to continue.

The wind was a brisk one today with fall temperatures, but we were warm in spirit and duty bound to hold our posts until out of ammunition. I must note four of the flaggers were Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Today’s Flag Team was made up of Cary Crawford Allen, Bill Hicks, Beecher O’Quinn, Mike Rigsby, and Gary Sanders. And an empty chair, which proves how easy it is to Flag!

Bill Hicks
Tennessee Confederate Flaggers Holding the Line