From: Virginia Flagger <>
Date: Thu, Jan 15, 2015
Subject: Va Flaggers: Flagging Lexington Final Countdown – Up Men…and To Your Posts!

130 years ago, E. Benjamin Andrews, then President of Brown University, himself a veteran of the Yankee army, said: "The question of greatness is a relative thing and we in America will probably always differ as to the rank of our prominent men. But if any American father were asked which of our great men he would most want his own son to resemble, that father, if he were wise, would be compelled to answer, "Robert E. Lee"."

Nothing can be added to that statement. Education can propose no finer service than to offer the character of Lee as the pattern upon which youth may shape its hope.

LEE The Final Achievement
Speeches by Dr. Francis Pendleton Gaines, President Washington and Lee University

The town of Lexington, Virginia, has essentially turned its back on Lee, Jackson, and its rich Confederate history and heritage.  

Join us, as we "take it to the streets" to let the folks in Lexington and Washington & Lee University know that there are still many of us who honor Lee and Jackson and will not go away quietly.

Final Flagging Lexington/Washing & Lee Update:

Parking:  Please see attached Lexington Parking Guide

Flyer:  The flyer we will be distributing in Lexington/Washington & Lee is attached and we will have copies produced and available.  You are also welcome to print copies for your use and bring them.
Friday is the Lee-Jackson State Holiday in the Commonwealth.  We will flag all day Friday, participate in memorial services and the parade on Saturday, and flag Saturday afternoon/evening. We welcome all those interested in standing with us to attend Friday, Saturday, or both days.

Meet at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery Friday at 10:00 a.m, Friday morning for details, a complete schedule, and more information.

RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

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Lexington Parking Guide     (PDF – Opens in a new window)

Lexington Flyer 2015     (PDF – Opens in a new window)