From: Georgia Flagger <>
Date: Sun, Mar 11, 2012
Subject: [FlagFight] Birthday of and Flaggin for General Patrick Cleburne

Most of us remember how Heflin Mayor Anna Berry killed the annual Cleburne Day, and how the Cleburne Chapter UDC refused to keep it alive.
For the 3rd time since Cleburne Day was abolished, I will return to Heflin and mark the birthday of Patrick Ronayne Cleburne by wearing my Confederate Infantry Soldier’s uniform and carry a Hardee Pattern Confederate Battleflag.
This year Heflin will hold a 5k run on March 17th, seemingly having completely removed the county’s namesake from public observance. I have not forgot either the General, nor the evil deeds committed by the Mayor and her accomlice Terri Daulton in removing the Confederate Heritage from the Heart of Dixie, and will be there at 7am CST an hour before the race kicks off at 8am CST until…..?

The following was posted on Facebook, so please if you wish to remind the Cleburne County folks in Heflin why their county is named Cleburne, feel free to join me!

: "Attention all Confederates in the vicinity of Heflin, Alabama! Billy Bearden would like to invite all who are able to get down to the town square THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 17th to join him for a flagging in honor of the Birthday of Gen. Patrick Cleburne, the County’s namesake, and in protest of Mayor Anna Berry and her Anti-Confederate agenda. Flagging will begin early, at 7:00 a.m., to coincide with a 5K race planned for the same day. Here is your chance to stand for our ancestors, our flag, General Cleburne, and against those who would erase all traces of each. "I am with the South in life or in death, in victory or defeat." – Gen Cleburne. Are there any others who would stand for him?"