Flag vote issue

I have been reading with delight that freshman state Rep. Tim Bearden, RÐVilla Rica, has introduced HB-15, calling for a fair vote bill which would allow the public to vote on our state flag with the choices being the 1956 flag or the 2003 flag foisted upon us by Gov. Sonny Perdue.

As expected, the news media have begun to decry this proposed legislation, saying the public voted March 2, 2003 to bring this issue to a close, choosing the 2003 flag by a large majority. Please allow me to refresh the news media’s short-term memory: The March 2, 2003 referendum only allowed two choices; the blue Barnes flag and the 2003 Perdue flag.

The 1956 flag, favored by most Georgians, was not even on the ballot. For this reason most Southern heritage groups and thousands of individuals boycotted the referendum, as the flag they preferred was not one of the choices.

As a result of this boycott less than 20 percent of the registered voters in Georgia cast a ballot for either flag. Comparing the number of registered voters to the population of Georgia, only 9 percent of Georgians chose the 2003 flag.

Thanks to the courage and effort of Bearden and his supporters, Georgia may finally get a say in what flag will represent us. Let Georgia vote. Support HB-15.

W.F. (Bud) Cranford