Flag Vendor Selling New Flag Design

Jim McIntyre has been selling flags for nearly four years. McIntyre says he’s not surprised by what’s transpired in Mississippi concerning our state flag.

"This flag controversy, if you want to call it that, probably started two years ago or more, and of course in South Carolina and Georgia even started before that. So, yes, I had every reason to believe something would come about like this," McIntyre said.

The flag retailer says he’s the only one in the state currently selling the proposed new flag design. McIntyre ordered hundreds of banners, but says sales have not been overwhelming.

"I’ve been disappointed saleswise," he said. "I’ve got several hundred flags that I’m promoting to sell and need to sell."

Sales have increased, however, for the current state flag with the confederate battle emblem in its corner. Recent polls have shown more Mississippians support that flag. Jim McIntyre agrees.

"I would say the majority of the people in the state who are supporting flags are supporting the current flag. I really feel the majority of the people are supporting the current flag, that’s going to be my prediction as to what the sales and interest is."

After April 17th, the date Mississippians vote on a flag, McIntyre will know exactly which orders to place.

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