Dear Editor,

The city manager has admitted to removing 55 small flags from the graves of soldiers in Elmwood Cemetery. Can you just picture city employees slinking through a cemetery in the dead of the night, stealing from the gravesides of soldiers, all under the direction of the city manager?

She has admitted to cutting down the rigging ropes from the flagpole in Elmwood Cemetery. She has admitted to ordering the destruction and removal of the US flagpole in the World War I and World War II section. This when no recommendations had been finalized nor even presented to either the public or to the city council.

This is un-American. How much more anti-American behavior from this woman will the City of Charlotte endure?

Last week numerous American Legion and Am Vet groups were contacted. They have agreed to help with the restoration of the Vet’s of World War I/II area of the cemetery. This would be at no cost to the City of Charlotte and be a most positive solution. We would hope that this would not be a problem because removing that flagpole over veterans’ graves was anti-American.

The Community Relations Committee (CRC) promised that all recommendations would be presented to its executive council. Then they would present these suggestions/recommendations to the city manager, who would take it to the city council. It was promised the public would have the right to address the city council. That was a lie.

What we have witnessed happening with this “process” is nothing more than prejudice, deception and fraud from the Community Relations Committee and the city manager. They are not unbiased and they have an agenda.

For instance, in public the leadership of the Community Relations Committee has been caught making racist, divisive, insensitive, belligerent, prejudiced and discriminatory comments about Elmwood Cemetery and about the Confederate Flag – in public – even as they claim to be unbiased and equal handed. Numerous complaints have been made by the public about remarks made by the CRC in regards to the Confederate Flag and Elmwood. How inappropriate for the city to allow this group to have any say in this matter when they are politically motivated and highly insensitive.

The public gave their opinion both in public (by invitation only) and on the city website. Each time there was an overwhelming demand to leave the flag alone.

Since this was not what the CRC or the city wanted to hear, the voices of the public were met with a wall of preconceived ideas and foregone conclusions. The city manager quickly sprang into action in a Gestapo imitation and began the theft of private property from the graves of our ancestors. Do not think you will not see a lawsuit over that theft.

The CRC is not unbiased or fair. They are prejudiced and arrogant. Using this preconceived biased attitude, the CRC engineered an inequitable process. We demand that city council respond to the overwhelming support for leaving the flag flying over the graves just as it had been for decades. The people have spoken. Will you deny their voices again?

Charlotte claims to be a World Class City, but its city government makes it a Third Class City.

Terry Crayton