Confederate flag still a part of U.S. history

To the editor:

This letter responds to a comment in “Your Neighbor” in the Feb. 2 edition of The Daily News. Evidently Jeff Newsom has been away from North Carolina too long or knows nothing about Confederate heritage. He claims to be originally from Morehead and I assume he has family there that may be able to explain a little history and heritage to him.

I fly the American flag in honor of the many that have given their all to try to protect our dwindling liberty, independence and freedom. I also fly the Confederate flag in honor of those who gave their all during a time of unrest in this country and also out of respect to the people and their heritage which is part of the history of this country — like it or not. The only problem with the Confederate flag are the racists who have run all over this once great and respected country and had it removed from sight while trying to delete any parts of American history that don’t fit their agenda. Members of this same mob are those who take the Bible and laws of the land and twist and interpret the meaning of the word and laws to fit their lifestyle.

Wake up America! This same mob is in the process of doing away with prayer and our Constitution, and misleading our children as they attempt to get rid of anything else that doesn’t fit their corrupt and immoral minds.

Ronald E. Riggs Sr.