Flag Site–Tampa—UPDATE

From: Mshcsa@aol.com


Here is the latest:

Things are moving along "swimmingly."

The site work in preparation for the flagpole installation was completed in Jan. The 139 foot pole was ordered in Feb. Scheduled completion date for the pole (in Texas) is March 19. Pick-up by truck has been paid for and will be right after the completion date. Services (crane suitable for the task) and other support is waiting for the delivery to the site. Flag (50×30) is on hand. The pole should be erected by the first of April and sometime in April the flag will go up.

Phase One was the permitting. Phase Two is the flag flying. Phase Three will be the completion of the site as planned with monuments, landscaping, lighting, parking, etc. The final dedication service (much logistical work to be done) will occur when the site is completely finished. Our hope is April of 2009.

The reason to put the flag up now is to confirm to you, the division and to the world that we are very serious with this effort and to "jump start" the next level of fundraising.

Expect no major event (on our part) when we put the flag up. The only event will be the reaction of the chambers of commerce, the governor and the press.

Also expect more solicitation flyers from the division when we are able to provide pictures on the flyers of the flag waving.

This is going to be one grand and memorable site.

Feel free to pass the information along to others within the division

Marion Lambert, Co-Chairman
Flags Across Florida-Tampa Site