Confederate flag represents ungodly suffering


The above diatribe (or is it a polemic?) only exposes your ignorance and bigotry. I have almost ceased responding to such nonsense (devoting myself instead to helping build up organizations I’m sure you’d detest), but yours is particular noxious.

I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel so see attached a response from some years ago to another South bashing, holier than thou moralist named plain dealer doc.

[ Excerpt from the attached Plain Dealer doc (a response to a Cleveland, Ohio South basher some years ago>

"…..And so Southerners learned to distrust black folk and focused their anger on them for the corruption introduced by northern occupation. And after their occupation ended, the north was perfectly willing, in exchange for a quiet South, to allow black folk to stew in that rancid juice of misdirected anger for decades. Indeed, their greatest fear [that blacks would move north] was quelled when the now "Homeruled" South put the same laws controlling the black population on the books as had existed in the northern states from the early 1800’s…….." ]

You may also find this link instructive>

What I always find amusing is the evident belief that by simply insulting and repeating the pernicious lies that have helped create some of the very circumstances you bemoan, you will cause those of us who disagree with your interpretation to give up our understanding of these matters and adopt those of our detractors, such as your either dishonest our uninformed self. Let me give you a clue – Ain’t gonna happen.

Many of us have learned how this game is played, to the detriment of us all. Indeed, the democrat contest between Clinton and Obama is demonstrating quite clearly yet again how the race card is so crucial to American politics. Because we’ve got folks such as yourself, who don’t understand the game (or don’t care when it’s exercised), we’re witnessing people playing with dynamite for raw, personal gain. But what else is new with the Clintons?

But this kind of stuff certainly helps expose the kinds of minds of those evidently such as yourself, who are the enemies of true American Liberty. I thank you to that extent.

Basil D. (Bazz) Childress
G4 grandson of Pleasant Childress and Joshua Moses, Revolutionary War veterans.
G2 grandson of George Washinton Childress Cpl, 10th Kentucky Cavalry CSA
Grandson of John Childress WWI Veteran
Son of Simon Childress WWII era veteran
and nephew of Sgt Martin Dean Childress KIA in Vietnam 1969 with the 1st Cavalry Division

PS A few more links just in case your educable. Perhaps you’ll have a Eureka moment (in the Greek sense of the term)

Heartwarming, no?

[And just who invaded whom?? And of course none of these matters can ever be seen as having been instigated by an intervention that was illegal and immoral – igniting a terroristic backlash to a terrible war of conquest of which "The Reconstruction" era was simply the political consummation. (violence begets violence after all). The worst crime of course making former slaves and their descendants bear the burden of being the means by which conquest was effected .

NBC – ignoring (or using as always?)

The media are ignoring Huckabee’s blatant appeal to rednecks CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS

In the end, as Huckabee might or might not recall, the 101st Airborne Division, most of them "outsiders" not from Arkansas, had to be sent by a Republican president in 1957 to integrate the schools of Little Rock. That was a lot of trouble and expense that the big-mouth rednecks put us all to, but it was worth it. It’s insufferable to hear this glib idiot make a mockery of it now to try to get the Ku Klux Klan vote in South Carolina.

[Of course, whether he "had to" is a matter for debate (let alone the fact that he had no constitutional authority to do so. — THAT is the crux of the matter]

The God That Failed? (The one Hitchen’s worships)

The Horror!!

Some call it Scotch-Irish genetics, others a fierce in­dependence to remain free from the control and taxa­tion of a central govern­ment.

Whatever it might be, those who settled in the South from Scotland and Ire­land brought with them something unique in the an­nals of human history, ac­cording to speakers at Ala­bama Secession Day.