Re: Confederate flag represents hate


How sad it is that people like Ray Mondo have been brainwashed by northern "historians" to believe the Confederate Battle Flag represents slavery and hate. He mentions how we Southerners "Have a lack of compassion." and also says the Confederate Flag belongs in a museum with the Nazi and Soviet Flags. For his information, the Union Flag represented slavery for well over a hundred years before the Confederacy existed. It was northern and British slave traders who brought the slaves to this country. His ignorance of what the Confederacy stood for is appalling. He is the one who is intolerant.

Blacks in Africa who sold other blacks to these slave traders for cheap rum and trinkets, never share any of the blame for slavery. To be fair to even the northern slave traders, we must realize that the black captives that were sold to the slave traders were actually saved from an even worse fate. If they had no market value to their black captors, no doubt, they would have been put to death.

For Mondo’s information, I fly my Confederate Battle Flag in honor and memory of my grandfather and will continue to do so even if it "offends" Mondo and others of his ilk.

Maurice Higginbotham