From: Pop Aaron
Date: Wed, May 2, 2012
Subject: [Dixie’s Living Historians] Flag Rally, Ringgold Georgia, 2008
To: Dixie’s Living Historians

Flag Rally, Ringgold Georgia, 2008

The New Confederate Partisans a Southern group that could have been something. Like most efforts, it failed. NO one wanted to put forth an effort.

Over 3,000 invites were E-mailed, all Georgia SCV, notice posted in ALL local news papers, 0ver 200 phone calls and a 7 month notice was given many times…. The expense was over $300 out of my pocket. We had less than 40 folk show up.

Brother Hamp drove all the way from Texas…. Brother Bazz Childers (rest his soul) all the way from Kentucky, Chuck Demastus (SHNV) Mississippi….. Faithful Brother’s/Friends and Southron warriors.,%20Ringgolg%20Georgia