Flag raising in Statesboro
From: rebel_yell65@yahoo.com
I just returned from Statesboro, Georgia, where the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp # 941 Ogeechee Rifles held an event raising three 53 ft. flagpoles along I-16 in Bullock County. The US flag, the Real Georgia Flag, and the Confederate Battle Flag now fly for tens of thousands of motorist can see every day.
There was a large crowd in attendence with several speakers including Lt. CiC Michael Givens of South Carolina. Lots of positive response from the traffic.
Thanks to the Ogeechee Rifles # 941 of Statesboro for all their hard work in carrying out the Charge!
Gary Ursrey
Lt. Division Commander (South)
Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans
John K. McNeill Camp # 674 Moultrie, GA