Confederate flag raises eyebrows in Ridgefield

May 15, 2008
By KGW Staff

RIDGEFIELD, Wash. — If you’ve been on Interstate 5 near Ridgefield, Wash. lately, you might have done a double take at the area’s newest landmark — a Confederate flag.

The flag has raised some eyebrows but not a lot of controversy so far, at least according to neighbors KGW talked to.

Those who put the flag there insist it’s not meant to be controversial, just historic.

“Around here we have no problem with it,” said neighbor Darryl Miller.

Brent Jacobs is with the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The group raised both the stars and stripes and the stars and bars in honor of Jefferson Davis, the former president of the Confederate states, and unsung hero of the War of Southern Independence, according to the Sons.

“I think our ancestors got a bad rap, and we’re trying to preserve their good name. They did an honorable thing, they did their duty as they saw it,” Jacobs said.

Miller’s ancestors likely saw things differently.

“My great grandfather was a Union soldier and probably really wouldn’t have liked that flag,” Miller said.

Today, many still don’t like it and say it’s a symbol of racism and slavery.

Jacobs told KGW it doesn’t symbolize that to him.

“A lot of people are flying the Confederate flag for the wrong reasons, that’s why we like to fly that flag,” he said.

This summer, the same group that put up the flag plans to dedicate head stones to four Confederate veterans who moved to Oregon after the war.

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