Confederate Flag. Racism or Heritage? (poll)
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Tue Aug 3, 2010

I’ve never been a big "flag waving" kinda guy. But it is my position that the Confederate Flag is not racist.

Sure it has a spotted history and some of the worse sort of people wave it. But, to an overwhelming majority today, it is more pop culture than social statement. I don’t see it any different then an Italian flag in Little Italy or a Mexican flag in New Mexico.

When I see it painted huge on a pickup-truck…well, ok I don’t quite understand that either; it looks ridiculous. But, when I see it on TV or flying in somebodies front yard I think of a much more specific home than I do when I see the American Flag. It reminds me of family and friends and southern cooking.

Also, it is kind of a bad boy thing to do for "Good Ole’ Boys". Seeing a rebel flag bumper sticker; the thoughts that pop in my head are: Hunting, Fishing, NASCAR and Beer. It would be the equivalent of wearing your favorite teams jersey out. People would look at you think: "I agree". Or they might think: "What a jackass." (I’m looking at you, Cowboy fans).

I’m sure there are other reasons people display it, to be honest I’m not a very good southern boy, but I don’t think it’s about race. I think it is about regional pride. Ask a New Yorker how great New York is or ask a Texan about Texas. We all have it.

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