Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Protest of Confederate flag draws large crowd in SC town

In the oh-so-tolerant USA, every culture is respected — except one:

Over the past month, controversy has been brewing in the town of Summerville. It all started when a woman started flying a Confederate flag in a predominantly black neighborhood.

On Saturday, that controversy came to a head as the woman was met with a parade of protesters and supporters. Over 100 people stood on either side of the fence in this small Summerville neighborhood. Confederate flags flew while protestors marched by chanting.

"We’ve got Confederate paraphernalia in this black neighborhood for the first time. We thought it was good to get together to give a civil rights statement," said Aaron Brown, a protestor of the flag.

But she had friends and supporters, too:

"I’ve always hated bullies," said League of the South member Larry Sally. "And when Miss Annie called me and told me she was being bullied I brought some friends up here."

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