Re: The Confederate Flag Is on Display at the Florida Capitol Because… History!

Mr. Swenson,
You are ignorant of history and spouting hate for the sake of antagonizing those as ignorant as yourself.
While your view of racism appears to be only a Southern thing, I beg of you to explain:
*Why the Emancipation Proclamation did not free Northern (US) held slaves? Additionally, it stated should the succeeded states rejoin the Union, they could hold their slaves another 30 or so years? Wow! What Northern benevolence to the bondman!
*Why the first passing of the 13th Amendment in 1861, without a Southern vote in favor, protected slavery in perpetual should the Southern state re-join the Union?
*Why many Northern states had laws limiting to 30-60 days the time a Freedman could remain within their borders before being subjected to arrest?
*Why the Union only paid their black soldiers 2/3 that of their white counterparts while black Confederates were paid on equal footing as the white soldiers?
*Why during the 1863 New York City draft riots over a hundred free blacks; men, women & children were lynched over the course of a few nights?
*Why the Southern Poverty Law Center lists the vast majority of Klan activity today as being in the North?
I could go on however your article clearly demonstrates you know little except the selective Politically Correct view of history and human nature.
America is the most prosperous, peaceful place on the face of the earth because we have a diverse group of GOOD PEOPLE who stand for fairness and tolerance. We could not have peace if this was not so as if the majority were as hateful as you we would be similar to many other sections of the world such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East or Africa where murder, warfare & political hate are a generational way of life.
The cause of the Southern States and those who defended it were honorable, moral and legal. What occurred generations ago were commonly accepted in the entire country and the remainder of the world and it’s not fair to judge our forefathers in today’s selective standards as they cannot judge us in or you in theirs.
The flag display was there to EDUCATE REASONABLE minds about a period of time in our great nation’s history. Someone as yourself I doubt is open enough to learn true history rather than selective, agenda based history for propagation of self-serving diverseness.
BTW, Tallahassee was the only state capitol East of the Mississippi that the Yankees did not capture & sack, so it was 1865 before Tallahassee had an occupation force to disenfranchise the population. Additionally, the flag pictured is the Confederate Naval Jack or Army of Tennessee flag, not the “Stars & Bars.”  You might consider learning a topic prior to your spouting about it.
Last, for the poster of the picture of the President, he qualifies for fully voting membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans upon the honorable service of his gr gr gr grandfather, a Confederate Cavalryman from Tennessee. Is history interesting or what?
Capt. Phil Walters
Tampa, Fl.
Dixie Gator Trappers
Sponsor: Capt. JJ Dickison (CS)  "Grey Ghost" 1971 AMC Javelin
1st Lt Commander J.P. Benjamin camp 2210 SCV
National Rifle Association-Life member
Safari Club International-Life member
Sons of Confederate Veterans–Life member