Mississippi State Flag not allowed at Camp Stryker in Iraq
From: csaford@hotmail.com
Sample of letter sent to both Senators and Congressman Taylor
Carl D. Ford
Attorney at Law
P. O. Box 52
Laurel, MS 39440

October 21, 2009
Senator Roger Wicker
Washington City
RE: E-Mail Concerning Mississippi Flag
Dear Senator Wicker:
Please read the enclosed E-Mail that I received today. Please investigate. If true, what in the hell are you going to do about it? If not, why not. If you say there is nothing you can do, then why in the hell are you up there? AREN’T YOU REPRESENTING THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI?
So at the very least, the son of a bitch should be court-martialed.
Obviously, the flag contributed by Congressman Childers is the federal flag and not the Mississippi state flag.
Carl D. Ford

Tympel Turner Blansett: Mississippi Flag in Iraq
My brother-in-law is a member of the Mississippi National Guard 858th Horizontal Construction Company. He and 150 other local men and women are on active duty in Iraq for a 13 month tour. Barry and his unit just recently began sleeping inside, rather than in tents, as they replaced a Kentucky unit that had occupied the base where they are stationed. It is a very proud moment when these men and women are able to have a small celebration in the ceremony of raising the Mississippi Flag that represents them, as the Kentucky unit’s state flag is lowered.
I don’t know all the details, but some superior, a fellow Mississippian, no less, decided that the Mississippi State Flag is "Racist" and made them take it down. I am not going to go into my opinions of the reasons this is wrong, but I can tell you that this development has made a bad situation even worse and the morale of these guys is pretty low.
Please talk about this, tell everyone and anyone you can think of! If the Mississippi men and women who are over there, away from their families and their lives for our country, can’t display pride in their home and themselves then just let them come home!
Please join the "Support the 858th" facebook groups and show your support for these guys.
Here are some posts from other family members and updates as I get them:
Today my grandson called me and him and his unit the 858th Engineers from Calhoun City, Ms. They are in Baghdad. Congressman Travis Childers gave them a Mississippi flag that had flown over the White House in Washington to carry to Iraq to fly over their barracks until they came home. Today their sergeant made them take it down. This is not right. They are at Camp Stryker, Iraq and no one else had to remove their flags. They are there to fight for our country and the freedom of us here at home. I am writing to you because this is not right. Their morale was real low today when I talked to my grandson. So while they are half way around the world fighting for us I am here fighting for the 858th Engineers out of Calhoun City Ms. and will continue to fight until they have their flag back where it belongs. The flag of THE GREAT STATE of MISSISSIPPI, will fly over the barracks of the 858th Engineers again. A MAD GRANDMA FROM MISSISSIPPI – Diane Hatfield
John Wells: Well I can’t speak for everyone but if all of the Mississippi boy’s and girl’s would all get together we can do great things. Tell them to keep their spirits high, and it will be over soon. The infamous they told us the same thing but we haven’t seen them and we fly a MS flag everywhere. Besides they can’t stop them from flying it, the flag is a state flag, it flies everywhere and on every active duty post, in every chow hall that I have ever been in.
Jennifer Bullard: I like a comment my friend made stating they should move from Mississippi if they do not want to be part of it. This has my support!
Tegra Cannon: I can not tell you all how proud I am of not only my husband SSG BARRY CANNON, for putting his (our) life on hold to serve his country and his STATE but also of my sister Tympel who has gone far and beyond what I could ever expect to accomplish with this matter. Thank you to everyone who has put in a phone call, sent an email or just joined the 858th support page.
John Wells: Ya’ll just tell them CC boys that a Bruce boy said fly it anyway. We do.
Jennifer Bullard:
Coleman J. LeMaster October 20 at 8:09pm Report
Do you have more information about this? Has it been covered by any Mississippi newspapers or anything? If I had more information, I’d certainly consider it as a topic.
I’m going to remove the comment from Wednesday’s topic only because I don’t want it to derail the conversation from the marijuana topic. But it definitely has my attention and I’d like to know more about this.
I also wanted you to know where I was coming from so you wouldn’t think I was disregarding your topic idea by deleting your post.
Let me know if there’s additional info out there and I’ll try to craft something from that.
Thanks for the topic idea!
Thought someone else might want to talk to this guy who knows more than me. He is a WTVA reporter.
Tegra Cannon: Jennifer, I talked to Barry this morning, he says thank you for everything everyone has done to help get the flag up. He mentioned that starting tomorrow (today for them) they would start having a flag from each state represented on a weekly basis. This is a start but as we all know it’s not an answer. Fact that should be passed along, 1) it was a … Read More Virginia unit that was there first, that flag was lowered the MS flag was put up, but shortly after they were told that it needed to come down. (it could have been overruled by headquarters but it was not)
2) The flag that Travis Childers presented to our troops during the picnic was not the flag in question; it was the American Flag that flew over the Mississippi Capitol.
If we are going to go to the news with this, all facts MUST be correct! I want that flag to fly more than anyone but not at the humiliation of our troops. Facts have got to be straight! I only get to talk to Barry for a few minutes everyday, and my time with him on the phone is spent talking about how he is doing, how his family is back home and such. I will talk to him for a longer period of time during the weekend. Please get the facts if you can’t wait to get them from me get them from other sources. But please, please, get them right.
Jennifer Bullard: That is why I wanted someone else to talk to him. I don’t have any facts. I just stirred up interest and will leave that to someone who knows.
Tympel Turner Blansett: Fact is – someone won’t let those guys fly OUR flag! There is no good reason for it, regardless of the circumstances. Flying a flag from each state every week? BS!
Michael Turner Hatfield: ok the Mississippi flag never flew outside of our headquarters we put it up outside our rooms and it flew for about 15 mins and we was made to take it down we never had any type of ceremony where the flag went up we put our own flag that was bought by a soldier here up and he put it up and was made to take it down and at our headquarters we never have had a flag flying there but i would like to see our flag fly outside there too.