Re: State flag issue needs more attention
Greetings, Mr. Cooper. Bill Vallante has shared with me you and his correspondence about the Mississippi flag “issue”, and I feel moved to weigh in.
Your statement that it’s a matter for Mississippians is, as Bill was too polite to say in plain English, a cheap dodge and you know it. It will start to make sense when the “liberal” media stop bleating nonsense like “Mississippi is THE LAST STATE IN THE UNION with a Confederate state flag.” Similarly, they’ve screamed for years that we in South Carolina were the LAST STATE IN THE UNION to fly the C-flag over our state house. SO WHAT? What is this – a conformity contest in the middle of a Twilight Zone episode?
Guess what – Mississippi is the last state in the union to occupy exactly 48,430 square miles. Are you ashamed of that fact? Do you feel your state should show the proper do-gooder spirit and cede some territory to, say, Rhode Island — the most territorially deprived state in the Union? I know, it makes no sense since the two states are over 1300 miles apart, but let’s be liberal here.
We unashamed Southerners number in the many millions across the land. We’ve had it up to here with political correctness. We’re watching Mississippi and praying it is not going to opt for the imitation-vanilla life that utopianists have in mind for it. We very much consider your state flag our business, having lost most of civilization to self-appointed though police like the corporate cartel media and the NAACP.
You in Mississippi never please Klan With A Tan – that’s South Carolina’s message for you. Quit trying while the quitting’s good. Yes, the state flag needs more attention – like maybe a federal ban on its suppression for PC purposes.
Nelson Waller, M.Mus.
Anderson, S.C.
Thank you for your opinion.