Confederate flag part of heritage

This is in response to the "Confederate flag represents hate, not love" letter. The writer is obviously a northern transplant who has no idea what being from the South is all about. Let me relate a story that might enlighten her.

My mom was born in a small town in southern Alabama. Her parents were poor farmers and as soon as she was able, she left. When she died, it was her wish to be buried in that same small town. During the funeral procession, people on the sidewalk took off their hats and bowed their heads in respect. People who were driving pulled off the road and stood in respect.

The South is still a place where, if you pass someone on the street, they will look you in the eye and say "Hey." The words "Sir" and "Ma’am" are words of respect.

If you’re broken down on the side of the road, a Southerner will stop and lend a hand. If you haven’t eaten, they will be glad to share what little food they might have.

All of this is part of the Southern heritage. A heritage that is represented by a flag called the "Stars and Bars." The same way the "Stars and Stripes" represents our American heritage.

But if you choose to only see that the "Stars and Bars" represents the oppression of blacks in America, then you should only choose to see the "Stars and Stripes" as a symbol of hate and oppression of the Native American people who we took this country from.

Myself, on Memorial Day, if I choose to fly a representation of America, it would be the "Stars and Stripes," the "Stars and Bars" and the Seminole flag to represent all Americans that fought and died for this country.

Dave Kinney