The flag issue is over and done with? April Fool!

ATLANTA, GA — Thanks to all who attended the Heritage Rally at the Capitol, our numbers (no matter what the media says) were over 400 of us, which is great for a Thursday when most people have to work. Special thanks to Dan Coleman, Tim Pilgrim and all who went the extra mile setting this event up. For those of you who didn’t make it, the capitol police began to change the rules as the day progressed. First we were told to remove our banners, then told to remove the various "punt" and "boot" signs, then they told us we couldn’t bring flags on poles inside the state capitol we pay tax dollars to operate. Next, any flag over 12"x18" had to go (keep in mind we were originally told we could bring flags). Each one was searched as we came in, x-rayed our bags, and physically hand scanned many. It was obvious they didn’t want us there, but the inspiring speeches and wonderful singing of Compatriot Jerry Wingate kept our spirits high.

Our speakers included CIC Ron Wilson, LT CIC Denne Sweeney, Tennessee Commander Skip Earl, Candidate for AOT Commander Don Shelton, ANV Commander Chris Sullivan and of course Chaplain-in-Chief John Weaver. The line up of speakers alone made the trip worth it.

I spoke with Senators and Representatives and a couple of individuals who work in the Capitol. They said the numbers "got the attention" of everyone there. They weren’t expecting the shear number of people in attendance, they were "impressed" according to one aid.

To paraphrase an old saying, "We did good". They will go home at the end of the session with the sound of Dixie in their ears.and the sight of hundreds of real Georgia Flags coming down the street toward the Capitol…

Again, thanks to all who were in attendance, they know we were there and they are afraid we will return. We’re a good reminder of how far they’ve turned their backs on their own heritage.

Jack Bridwell