Flag Is Not Evil

I just want to know how can Mickey McGuire take a symbol that stands for courage, bravery, dedication and pride and turn it into a symbol of racism and hate?

Our flag — Old Glory, the stars and stripes — represents the greatest country in the world. It represents the land of the free, the home of the brave, liberty and justice for all. It reeks with courage, determination, pride and honor.

Many a brave soldier has fought and is fighting for what our flag stands for. Many a soldier has given their life to defend our freedom, our liberties and to protect this great nation.

Yet, this beloved symbol is the main flag used by the KKK. Does this make it a symbol of racism and hatred. No, it does not. No matter how anyone abuses our great flag, it is with great pride that we wave it over our country.

The Rebel flag and Confederate mascot are no more a symbol of racism and hatred than is our great country’s symbol. It’s no more a symbol of racism and hatred than the Black Panther that Prestonsburg uses for their school symbol!

No, I am not a racist! I truly believe that God made us all equal and when he looks at us he don’t see any color, he just sees our hearts. I know both good and bad people of different colors!

I also believe, that when we look at these flags we should not see what someone tries to make them stand for. We should see the true meaning of these symbols.

I would like to suggest to Mr. McGuire that he concentrate his efforts on more important things, such as getting drugs out of our schools, convincing teachers to care more about our children’s education and leave our flag alone!

Evil has been done in God’s name, but that don’t make God evil. And, evil done behind the Rebel flag or "Old Glory" does not make them evil either!

Connie Slone

Web Source: Floyd County Times

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