Letter to the editor;

Re: Battle Flag

As a person of northern birth, living historian and reenactor, I’ve had several occasions to visit your fair town in conjunction with my hobby/passion. I’ve found the people to be very pleasant and out-going. Unfortunately it seems that the Political Correctness snake has either slithered down from the North or up from Atlanta! Either way, a majority of your town council has decided that my heritage is to be sacrificed on the PC alter!

I’ll spare you a proper history lesson, as perpetual victims seldom listen to truth, especially if the truth might interfere with their self proclaimed victim status. However, your decision leaves me no other honorable option, but to avoid your town.

As an aside, I find it ironic that some of the same folks who proclaim their victim status, whenever a Confederate Battle Flag is within 100 miles, are some of the same folks who insist that the National Park Service make the slavery issue a centerpiece at battlefield parks.

Mike Discher
SCV Member