Flag in Alabama
From: sws157@bellsouth.net
To: mail@southernheritage411.com
Greetings, I drove along the I-10 corridor and saw a huge example of "The Stars and Bars" flying high and proud in Alabama. The sight made me want to contact those responsible and so my letter.
I live in Florida and was driving to spend the holidays with my brother in Texas when the sighting occurred. Our grand-grand-grandfather immigrated from Germany and roamed the land. We were raised in Chicago…..we have no ties to the Confederate history.
If the flag flies for the respect of the soldiers of the Confederate Army I salute your efforts and long may it wave!
If the flag flys for the SPIRIT of the Confederacy and the principles for a way of life that is not in agreement with the way things are headed in America, I salute your efforts. It was a promising sight for the promise that "The South shall rise again." What is she waiting for?