Flag Hysteria
From: jordanwolf@bellsouth.net
A dimwitted Auburn, Alabama city councilman recently removed Confederate Battle Flags from a cemetery because he thought they were racist.  The old Georgia 56 flag was removed years ago because part of it was the Confederate Battle Flag.  The new Georgia Flag is a replica of the Confederate First National Flag.  No one seems to have a problem with the new Georgia Flag even though it flew over Confederate buildings and was carried into battle by Confederate soldiers.
Since World War II the Nazi Swastika Flag has been a symbol of racism and human rights atrocities.  During that same war, Japan, Ethiopia, and the Soviet Union committed human rights atrocities that were at least as bad as anything the German Nazis did.  The flags of those three countries don’t seem to bother anyone.   
Mao Tse-Tung murdered more people than Hitler and Stalin put together.  A People’s Republic of China Flag flew from the side of my high school alma mater for at least a year, and there was no outcry. 
Many European nations participated in the slave trade.  The New England Merchant Marine also brought large numbers of slaves to the Western Hemisphere.  I am not aware of any European flag or flag of a New England state that is considered a symbol of slavery.
If anyone can figure this out, please explain it to me.  Otherwise I will just go on thinking that I live in a nation of idiots.
Joe Jordan