LSU Flag Hater Attack Free Speech


Here we go again…ban free speech from the LSU Campus. If we get rid of the purple and gold battle flag, we may as well get rid of the mascot name Tigers. The name came about to remember the Louisiana Confederate soldiers who served with Lee and Jackson in Virginia.

Poor Eric wants to condemn the cornerstone speech and leave out the part about Stephens speaking on his own and not for the Confederate government and also being condemned by President Jefferson Davis. Oh, by the way Eric, unfortunately, this was a widespread belief of many Americans in the 18th and 19 centuries, esp. those in government…..including Lincoln. Doesn¢t make it right, but who are we to judge those who lived by different standards??

Poor Eric Freeman…..he wants to teach and spread the truth, but wants a law passed in this state that will basically keep people from getting offended. Since when did we have a constitutional right not to be offended in this country? Thanks goodness that Eric can’t do a thing about his feeling intimidated by a piece of cloth. Why doesn’t he get offended or intimidated when he sees a klucker carrying the US flag?? Why it is the official flag of the kkk, don’t ya know?? As far as I know, the hate is usually in the heart and more importantly in the actions of a racist, not anything that they carry.

Last game I went to, fans flying the purple and gold battle flag were proud of their team and proud of the Confederate heritage that is a part of that school… hate here.

Charles Lauret
Proud Descendant of a Real Louisiana Tiger

"The very flower of the South are engaged in this war…Men…have taken up arms in defense of their homes, firesides and domestic institutions and they are invincible. We are bound to succeed or every man will perish in the effort." D.P. Gibson, Catahoula Guerillas, Wheat’s Bttn., Camp Moore, June 6, 1861