Confederate flag along I-75 gets even bigger
Posted by Beau Zimmer

Tampa, Florida– It took a team of 21 people and an electric drill motor to get a brand new 1,800 square foot confederate flag into the air.

Seen as a sign of hatred and hurt to some, for the Sons of Confederate Veterans the flag is a symbol of southern heritage and a learning opportunity for all races.

"The average black American cannot tell you when the Civil War was fought or who was in it," said Al Mccray, an African American member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

"It’s a beautiful thing. Every time I drive down the interstate, I just feel a great peace at heart," says event organizer Marion Lambert.

The flag, a full ten feet longer than the original first raised near I-4 and I-75 in June, will be the centerpiece of a memorial park honoring confederate soldiers.

Even some of the flags biggest opponents now seem much more open minded about the group’s goals.

"I’m too pretty to let my blood pressure be sky high over this confederate flag," said community activist Michelle Williams. "I’m going to pay my money to walk through it. I want to see the memorial wall. I want to read the names on the plaque."

"Let’s educate people and talk to the world about what this community represents. This represents commonality. It’s a beautiful thing," Lanbert says.

Construction is scheduled for completion within 6 weeks. The original, smaller confederate flag will be cut up into pieces and sold to help raise money for the project.

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