Should the Confederate flag be allowed to fly at NASCAR races?

posted by Matt Humphrey on May 12, 2008

Monte Dutton of the Gaston Gazette wrote this in a column about NASCAR fans at Darlington Raceway (read it here):

Most fans wouldn’t be caught dead wearing "gear" that is outdated. I truly was shocked at the incredible absence of year-old Dale Earnhardt Jr. Budweiser T-shirts. Fashion trends are actually important to NASCAR fans, even though they buy off the rack. There were families where the daddy wore National Guard, the wife wore Amp Energy Drink and the kids wore Mountain Dew. Junior leaving Budweiser could actually put a dent in alcoholism rates. Unless, of course, the Kasey Kahne fans start running amok.

Monte must have missed this fellow below, who is standing next to what many consider outdated (or downright offensive) gear, the Confederate flag. What do you think? Should fans display the Confederate flag at NASCAR races?

(Click here to read a provocative piece Dan Wetzel wrote for Yahoo! Sports in 2006). In it, he wrote "NASCAR still has a flag (and image) issue. But no one wants to discuss the elephant in the infield."

Do you?

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