[] On Behalf Of Georgia Flagger
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Cc: Georgia Division
Subject: Re: [FlagFight] From your friends at GHS and GPB

Dear Mr. Groce and Georgia Historical Society,

The following link was placed in my emailbox this morning.

As a person whose relatives (Minceys) were displaced by Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial Park, I have had a lifelong interest in that which is Georgia’s largest tourist attraction and world famous bas relief Carving. I doubt you can imagine my displeasure with the whole thrust of your error filled political rant, er,  I mean daily entry, but allow me to just take one paragraph that really grabbed my attention and is still agitating me

"Sculptor Augustus Lukeman took over, blasted away the original work, and carved until money ran out in 1928. For 36 years, nothing happened. Then in 1954, the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Brown v. Board of Education ruling segregated schools unconstitutional galvanized the white South. The Confederate memorial became a potent symbol of defiance and white supremacy."

Now sir, other than your personal biased opinion, I request you provide actual documented proof of your slanderous accusations.

I for one do not believe a word of it and I offer as my proof the following, taken from the actual historical records of the Ga. General Assembly

1952 — HR 250-9286 (pp 1250,1331,1689,1815,1828) To Propose and urge the creation of a Confederate Memorial Park at Stone Mountain. Adopted 11Feb.1952

1955 — HR 35 (pp114,134,759) A resolution urging the Governor to purchase Stone Mountain because, "the incomplete and unsightly condition of the Stone Mountain Memorial has long weighed upon the pride and civic conscience of all Georgians." and the acquisition of Stone Mountain by the State would insure, "a lasting Memorial." Adopted 18Jan.1955

1957 — HR 234 (pp1100,1179) A resolution to commend the formation of the Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial Association and encourage them (it) to finish the monument. Adopted 22Feb.1957

Also FYI, if it is a ‘white supremist’ you seek, it was Gutzon Borglum who was a member of the KKK, but none of his work is seen at Stone Mountain, the Klansman’s work is celebrated daily – known as Mt Rushmore.

I await your proof as respectfully requested. My mailing address is 790 Harrison Road, Carrollton, Ga, 30117. During the wait, please post BOTH an apology and correction. For all future ‘daily posts’ I advise you to leave out any personal hate and bias and just do your job – report on history as it happened.

Thank you and God Bless

Billy Bearden