NAACP weighs in on Confederate flag fight in Summerville

Rebecca Ryan
February 26, 2011

The Charleston Chapter of the NAACP says they don’t see a resolution in the future for neighbors fighting over one woman’s choice to fly the confederate flag.

"The unfortunate choice to display something that’s offensive to your neighbor, she has that right. They have the right to express their displeasure in numerous ways. It’s a stalemate unless someone decides to sit and talk with someone else," Rev. Joe Darby said.

Neighbors said they built eight foot fences to block the view of the flag.  The homeowner said the fence blocks her view coming out of her drive way.

We checked with the Summerville building department about Chambers complaints.

They said a permit is required for any fence that is over six feet high. When a permit is issued on a fence, the building department checks the fence was built in accordance with the plans submitted.

A permit was issued for the fences on each side of the property in question on West 1st North Street. Both fences were permitted as 8 feet in height. After a complaint, a Code Enforcement Officer checked to be sure that the fences were not built in the right-of-way.  According to them, Both fences are on private property and end at about the same location as the chain link fence on the complainant’s property.  They add, the section of roadway happens to have a very narrow right-of-way, but there are no code or zoning violations and the neighborhood has no covenants.

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